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New additive packages from Rhein Chemie for use in high-performance lubricants

The new Additin® additive packages from Rhein Chemie offer tailor-made solutions in many areas of the lubricating oil and lubricating grease industry.

The new Additin® additive packages from Rhein Chemie offer tailor-made solutions in many areas of the lubricating oil and lubricating grease industry.

Whether for use in greases, hydraulic fluids or metalworking fluids, the additive packages are based on precisely coordinated formulations. Not only do they help to cut down the development time at the formulation stage, but they also ensure a high level of quality, as well as reducing costs for analysis, storage and ordering.The Additin® RC 9502 and Additin® RC 9507 multifunctional grease packages are versatile in their use and provide precise solutions for almost every application that requires grease. Both packages are compatible with all current complex soap and polyurea greases, as well as with other non-soap greases and pastes. These premium packages give greases the ability to withstand high stresses, provide very good protection against wear and are also extremely suitable for roller bearings under extreme stress.

The three metal-free packages for hydraulic fluids, Additin® RC 9300, Additin® RC 9305 and Additin® RC 9307, can be used in anything from premium segments down to cheap formulations. They were also developed to meet the higher requirements contained in the revised DIN 51524 standard for hydraulic fluids. The packages do not contain zinc or other metals, but have been shown to be compatible with Rhein Chemie’s hydraulic packages containing zinc, which helps to reduce the risks in the event of contamination within the hydraulics system. In addition to further advantages such as very good filtration properties and demulsifying behavior, formulations using the HF-0 package Additin® RC 9300 stand out thanks to excellent thermal and hydrolytic stability.

The packages Additin® RC 9710, Additin® RC 9720, Additin® RC 9730 and Additin® RC 9410 provide metalworking fluids with protection from wear, oxidation and corrosion, with these properties being excellently tailored to one another. They do not contain any chlorine compounds, which are increasingly being avoided for environmental and health reasons. In most cases, oils formulated using these blends can replace the less desirable chloroparaffin-containing products.

The Additin® packages were developed specially to meet the latest technical requirements in the lubricants industry. The combination of new base oils with low sulfur content and optimized additive blends offers outstanding opportunities to improve performance in industrial oils. The idea behind the additive blends from Rhein Chemie is to provide a well matched composition from many individual components. These types of solutions demonstrate a high degree of expertise that distinguishes Rhein Chemie from other chemical suppliers as being a real specialist in the field of additives.

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