Timken machine




The test establishes the characteristics of lubricants with respect to their behavior in mixed-friction conditions, defined as 


  • OK values
  • Wear values


This method does not allow direct assessment of the behavior of these lubricants in machine elements.

Brief description of the method


The lubricant is tested in a frictional system consisting of a cuboid test block through which the test loads are applied onto a rotating ring. The test load is changed by degrees until the OK load and seizure load have been established. The wear is determined by individual weighing of the test pieces. The test duration for each stage is 10 minutes.



51434 Part 2 (Fluids) D-2782 (Fluids) 240 (Fluids)
51434 Part 3 (Greases) D-2509 (Greases) 326 (Greases)