Additives for neat oils, forming


EP Additives, light-colored

RC 2315 Medium activity, low viscosity
RC 2317 Active towards yellow metals, for low viscosity formulations
RC 2411 No staining of non-ferrous metals, good lubricity and anti wear (AW) performance
RC 2415 Moderately active, good lubricity and AW performance
RC 2418 Active, very high EP performance
RC 2515 Inactive towards yellow metals, very good lubricity
RC 2526 Active, good lubricant over wide range of temperatures
RC 2540 High activity, synergistic effects with other additives

EP Additives, dark-colored

RC 2811 Inactive, good lubricity and anti wear (AW) performance
RC 2818 Active, low viscosity

Anitwear Additives (AW)

RC 3038 High performance in mineral oils, excellent AW and mild EP performance, wide temperature range
RC 3180 Good thermal stability and reactivity
RC 3212 Good lubricity, thermal and hydrolytic stability
RC 3740 High affinity to metal surfaces, active even at low temperatures
RC 3760 High affinity to metal surfaces, also has anti-corrosion performance
RC 3880 Ashless AW, synergistic effects with natural and synthetic esters
RC 6340 Ahless AW with high EP performance

Corrosion Inhibitors (CI)

RC 4203 Excellent film formation, washes off easily
RC 4220 Excellent CI performance at low treatment levles, good demulsifiying properties
RC 4242 Synerg. effects with EP additives (PEP), acid scavenger
RC 4820 Ashless corrosion inhibitor wit mild AW properties
RC 4810 Ashless sulfonate, suitable for natural esters, addtional lubricity

Specialty Products (SP)

RC 8000 Polymer, protects against cold welding and adhesive wear. Excellent lubricity, E-Coat compatible
RC 8100 Polymer, synergistic effects with S carriers, very good lubricant properties, high flash point
RC 8103 Soluble castor oil substitute, É-Coat compatible, washes off easily
RC 8210 Yellow metal deactivator and EP-Additive
RC 8239 Yellow metal deactivator

Packages (PA)

RC 9730 High viscous drawer and stamper package for steel, stainless steel, yellow metals, alumuminium, titanium, easy and medium requirements (stamping, forming)