Rigid foam

Rhein Chemie produces high-quality additives especially designed for use in rigid polyurethane foams .... Mehr anzeigen Weniger anzeigen

Addocat® catalysts Standard and customized special catalysts for flexible polyurethane foams, rigid polyurethane foams and CASE applications

Addovate® stabilizers Standard and special stabilizers for flexible and rigid polyurethane foams

Addovate® dispersing agents, additives Silicone-free stabilizers and emulsifiers for flexible ester foams and additives e.g. anti-scorch agents or anti-discoloration agents

Customized catalysts

Rhein Chemie's production facility allows the processing of both liquids with an ignition point below 200 °C and solid compounds. The production of customized catalysts including packaging in various kinds of containers, standard and tailor-made, fully complies with all applicable legal and internal safety criteria. High quality and flexibility are in fact the main competence of Rhein Chemie.

Main applications 

  • Metal-faced sandwich panels
  • Laminated boards
  • Spray foams
  • Rigid slabstock foams
  • Pipe insulation
  • Insulation of appliances
  • Technical special insulation