Monofilaments for covering paper machines

Ever greater demands are being placed on papermaking screens. A significant increase in papermaking machine speeds is resulting in .... Show more Show less

  • even greater requirements for screen stability
  • greater surface quality requirements
  • longer service life thanks to fewer screen changes

Suitable polymer additives are the key to meeting these stringent requirements. In particular, Stabaxol® can distinctly increase the hydrolysis stability of PET, extending its lifespan up to threefold. This means that the papermaking machine can remain in service for longer periods thereby ensuring higher productivity.

The following Stabaxol® grades are used to stabilize PET for the papermaking screen market:

  • Stabaxol® I LF for end group termination.
  • Stabaxol® P and Stabaxol® P 100 (as a masterbatch) for long-term stabilization.
  • Stabaxol® K 7646 contains 15 % Stabaxol® P 100 and is thus intended for applications where the highest levels of hydrolysis resistance are vital.