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The use of surfactant additives in the manufacture of flexible polyester foam results in highly beneficial effects. These additives provide

  • very fine cell structures
  • Foams with a high proportion of open cells
  • reduced scorch tendency
  • even density distribution

Whether you produce standard grades or highly elastic textile foams, Rhein Chemie's surfactant additives enable you to combine individual design possibilities with high production reliability. Our range of silicone-free surfactant specialties listed below, is offered for a broad range of applications within the flexible foam area. Due to the use of two separate products, an emulsifier and a stabilizer, the exact level of emulsifying and stabilizing properties of the surfactants can easily be adjusted to the individual needs.

Silicone surfactants (Addovate®)

In addition to the silicone-free surfactants shown below, Rhein Chemie is currently establishing a portfolio of silicone surfactants.