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Achieve optimal control of casting and demolding times! For the manufacture of hot casting and cold curing elastomers or thermoplastic polyurethanes (TPU), Rhein Chemie has a range of highly effective crosslinking agents. The degree of hardness, abrasion characteristics, heat resistance and other product parameters can also be influenced as required using these crosslinking agents. High purity with minimal compressive deformation: support for dynamic requirements Rhein Chemie offers a specialty crosslinking agent for use in polyurethanes, TPU and polyurethane rubber for the manufacture of elastomers with outstandingly good properties. Addolink® is an aromatic chain extender based on a hydroquinone derivative which is particularly recommended if the elastomers are to be subjected to elevated dynamic loads. With Crosslinker 30/10, the elastomer's compression set can be largely minimized compared with conventional crosslinking agents. Applications End products such as sports and s