Thermoplastic elastomers are now increasingly being used in cable applications. Stabaxol® is capable of offsetting the susceptibility to hydrolysis of ester-based elastomers. The following Stabaxol® grades are suitable for use in cable sheathings .... Show more Show less

Stabaxol® KE 9514 based on a modified PBT copolymer and specifically developed for use in polyether-ester based formulations (TPEE). Stabaxol® KE 9464 based on a TPEE carrier polymer and specifically developed for use in polyester-ester based formulations: for TPU cable sheathing, depending on dispensing options, we recommend Stabaxol® P 200, Stabaxol® P or the masterbatch Stabaxol® KE 9463: we recommend Stabaxol® P and Stabaxol® I LF for conventional EVA-based cable sheathings.